Ewan the Dream Sheep: Get your baby to sleep through the night

Ewan the Dream Sheep – Here’s our review…

Ewan the SheepThe early months of life can prove quite stressful for a newborn baby. Imagine having spent your whole existence tucked up inside your mothers womb. You’re comforted by the continuous chugging of her heart beat, the whooshing sound of the blood rushing around her body, your muffled mothers voice from the outside world, it’s a continuous orchestra of soothing familiar sounds. Suddenly you are thrust into life, the world is bigger and brighter, you are not used to the quietness. The noises now are sudden and startling. It’s not surprising that babies can be unsettled and struggled to sleep at night. Yet we still expect them to be able to self sooth and settle.


Mum of 6 Lynda created Ewan the dream sheep when her 6th child was notoriously difficult to SweetDreamersget to sleep, she noticed that the easiest way to get him to sleep was to dim the lights and to get the vacuume cleaner out! He seemed to be settled by the loud but constant noise. She wanted to create a product that could achieve this result without getting the vacuums out every evening! A product that would help other parents in the same situation struggling with sleep deprivation. After 7 long years of consulting with sleep experts, listening to womb sound recordings and collating research, her company SweetDreamers and Ewan the sheep were finally born!

White Noise

Ewan works by immiting a continuous sound on a low base frequency (similar to white noise) that mimics the frequency of womb sounds. There are 4 different settings to choose from, babies have been reported to sooth and settle much more quickly.

Womb Sounds and Other Features…

  • Soft and cuddly appearance.
  • Attaches directly to the cot or can be placed next to a Moses basket making it safe for newborns.
  • 4 Different sound settings including heartbeat sounds, womb sounds, harp sounds and nature sounds.
  • The sounds are all actual recordings and not computer generated as well as being low base frequency, the same frequency heard inside the womb.
  • Proven to help reduce colic symptoms.
  • Emits warm pink glow to simulate the womb environment.
  • Competitive price.
  • Award Winning!

Award winning Ewan the sheep

  1. Prima Baby Gold award 2015Award winning Ewan the sheep
  2. Mother and baby Gold award 2014
  3. Loved by Parents Gold Award 2013
  4. Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Gold award 2012
  5. Mother and Baby Best Buy 2011
  6. Bizzybaby Gold award 2010

==> He also has a stagggering 1325 Amazon reviews with 4.5 Stars!!!

Heres what parents have to say about him….

In a word Ewan is a miracle!” – Claire from West Sussex

My daughter loves the soothing harp track, she fell asleep in a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing. I would totally recommend Ewan to anyone who has a baby who needs help to settle at bedtime.” – Louise from Chichester

I will continue to recommend your fantastic product to my friends and family, it has made such a difference to our bedtime routine.” Lauren-Beth from Bedfordshire

Where to buy Ewan the dream sheep?

==>Click here to buy Ewan and other products by SweetDreamers.

You could be getting a better nights sleep as soon as tomorrow! Dream Sheep

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