Sleepyhead Deluxe Baby Pod

SleepyHead: More Than Just A Baby Nest!



The Sleepyhead is by far one of the greatest baby products currently on the market. It combines functionality, style and above all else SAFETY for your new baby. Also available in the larger Grand version, both have a wide range of colours and designs. We absolutely love this product!


After the birth of her first son back in 2006 Stockholme based Lisa Furuland  was searching unsuccessfully for a product which was an alternative to a cot and blanket. She wanted something snugly and versatile, that enabled her to keep her baby close but was also safe and secure. Lisa had a background in art and design and set to work creating the the now multi award winning Sleepyhead.

Sleepyhead creator

“The well being security and happiness of our babies are the objectives and inspiration of my creation.” Lisa Furuland creators the Sleepyhead.


The Sleepyhead has a variety of uses…

  • To co-sleep safely.
  • A crib reducer.
  • A transition solution from crib to cot or cot to bed.
  • To support tummy time.
  • For lounging and for playing.
  • As a light-weight portable travel bed.

Sleepyhead deluxe


1. Comfort

The sleepyhead Deluxe offers a snug environment allowing babies to feel safe and secure. It is suitable from 0-8months (including premies). The sleepyhead Grand is a slightly larger version it is ideal for ease of transition from cot to bed, it creates a secure familiar environment to lounge or play in and is light weight enough to use as a travel bed. Sutible from 9-36months+.

2. Co-sleeping

The Sleepyhead’s raised protective sides prevent your baby from rolling out of bed, getting caught between the mattress and the wall or the headboard and your baby is unable to wriggle down beneath the covers due to the secure clip base. The high sides also prevent parents from rolling onto their baby. The airflow design ensures that the sleepyhead is 100% breathable even when a babies face is completely pressed up against it.

3. Tummy time

Lay your baby on their front with the rounded and raised bumper sides placed under their arms to allow your baby to safely explore tummy time, this helps to strengthen neck control and reduce ‘flat head syndrome’.

4. Hypoallergenic

The sleepy head is completely hypoallergenic, 100% breathable, hygienic frabrics are used and it has excellent air permeability, it’s  perfect for sensitive baby skin or little ones suffering with allergies or eczema.

5. Fresh air

When baby is positioned correctly in the sleepyhead (on their back) the rounded sides sit comparibly low to your babies face, this  ensures baby is always breathing ‘fresh’ air preventing rebreathe of trapped CO2 unlike most bassinets and Moses baskets. (Rebreathing used air and trapped CO2 has been linked to SIDS).

6. Transition

Because the Sleepyhead is completly light weight and portable it can be used in a variety of settings whilst still giving your baby familiarity and security, it’s a great solution for transitioning from crib to cot or from co-sleeping to cot. It can also be used as a travel bed or for naps and can be used at another care provider whilst still maintaining your baby’s routine. The sleepyhead grand (9-36 months+) is also available and ideal for transition from cot to bed.


Sleepy head

  • 100% breathable
  • Complies with British air permeability standards (BS4578)  the test is designed to replicate a baby placing its face on the product and breathing through it.
  • OEKO-TEXstandard certified materials.
  • Pad firmness testing:excellent support.
  • Non heat- harbouring.
  • Hypo-allergenic



  • Family Awards 2017 – Silver Award for best travel product.
  • Mother and Baby awards 2017 – Silver Award best newborn product.
  • National Parenting Products Award 2016 – Winner
  • Junior Design Awards 2015
  • And many many more!



Lathem Thomas maternity author, birth and wellness coach.

Dr Stephen V. Jochen of Jochen chiropractic and wellness centre.

Lisa Diaz from the baby list.

Katie Bartley – Top sleep consultant.

Ally Downey founder of WeeSpring.


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